Token: XLoyalitY

Utility: XLoyalitY is the digital means of payment used within our integrated compensation program.
Issuer address: rfQNEfqLQc5L34rS92Xh5nVtk9NVHbv4Gj
Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000
Distribution of tokens:
• 20% for the compensation program
• 30% for marketing purposes
• 50% for various programs

Token: EXSTO
Utility: EXSTO is the privilege token within the XRPL Secure Ecosystem.
Issuer address: rhzBatFGxX4tuiumzZoEhquEkMHVfmJvvx
Total supply: 100,000,000
Distribution of tokens:
• 40% for the ecosystem
• 20% for marketing purposes
• 10% in the vault
• 30% for various programs

The above token information represents the characteristics and distribution of our digital assets, XLoyalitY and EXSTO, within our ecosystem. These tokens serve different purposes and play an essential role in the functioning of our platform. It is important to understand the allocation of these tokens to take full advantage of the opportunities our ecosystem has to offer.
XUMM-Address: rLmhFNgLng8pYT6etmL4wuL8vmFLnhg9NU
Marketing Team
XUMM-Address: raAUF1aHAdXAUKmpPdnxveSquKUvtagYQB
Reward system
XUMM-Address: rKptPo3ugx1rBhTs5bKFftaPvmF3kEuduT
NFT minting
XUMM-Address: rsNChrQsYBFcv2oiYUvrDzYtPWUHHi5xjE
XUMM-Address: rsUM9KBK6aFqCcxW4vszLBNcfiur3Hontm