The start of XSTO
As XSTO, we worked on developments from March 28, 2022 to March 28, 2023. Check out the developments XSTO went through in their first existence.

March 2022
March 28: Launch of XLoyalitY ($XLOYALITY)
March 30: Creation Telegram chat 

April 2022
April 12: (week 15) Start reward system
April 10: Came Loverlyn in the chat
April 23: Twitter Live (X)
April 30: Discord channel Live 

May 2022
May 4: First Whitepaper & Roadmap 1.1
May 17: Website live
May 21: Idea Quality mark
May 28: NFT collection LOYMOON

June 2022
June 2: Development of Quality mark logo
June 7: First drinking mug XLoyalitY arrived
June 8: Launch MoonBoy NFT
June 11: Invitation xSpectar (Hasselt, Belgium)
June 15: Connection and launch Mr.Mole, XQuake
June 22: Launch ShibaNFT
June 23: Launch xSTIK
June 29: Launch SwissTech

July 2022
July 5: Launch xBay
July 9: Launch X Charity Club
July 11: First pre-sale wall disappeared
July 13: Launch xStack
July 18: Launch XMG
July 19: Filter system is created, for coin research.
July 21: Launch Gorilla X Warfare
July 25: Launch Denarii DFI
July 29: Launch RocketBoy collection

August 2022
August 1: Launch Chilled X Chimps
August 7: Launch X Bot Club
August 8: Loverlyn promotion manager and join team
August 10: XMG on red
August 13: Launch Snub network
August 20: Launch Lucretius
August 24: Launch Paleocoin
August 28: Launch FAKTÜRY
August 28: Collab NFT collection in collaboration with XQK (Charity Boy)
August 29: Launch Anima

September 2022
September 13: Launch Rocket Launch
September 16: Launch burn-to-earn program
September 25: Gold Membership
September 22: Launch LeoKings
September 26: Launch Magical Finance
September 30: Launch StakeXR

October 2022
October 6: Launch of Bored Seagull Club
October 14: Launch xTREME

November 2022
November 1: Gold Boy collection
November 12: Participation in Hexagon #13 Lucretius Metaverse
November 25: Removed 2nd pre sale wall
November 28: Utility Gold Boy collection for sale

December 2022
December 11: Fase 1 upgrade: Quality mark, premium and basic, rug pull prevention, website and compensation program
December 18 - 24: Christmis Edition
December 29: Launch Snwoman YClub

January 2023
January 1: Launch Magnetic
January 5: Entry mining pool developed by Magnetic
January 10: Magical Finance on red, start compensation program
January 23: Launch OpenEgg
January 30: Launch xGO

February 2023
February 1: Collaboration (B2C) Rocket Launch
February 8: Lucretius Avatar Pancky
February 8: Launch XSTO platform bot
February 11 - 14: Pirate days
February 11: Launch NFT collection 'Pirates'
February 28: xBay on red, no compensation program active

March 2023
March 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
March 2: Start Collab NFT Anima XSTO 'Friends Forever'
March 4: Start Business Partnership
March 4: Acquisition of StakeXR (B2B & B2C)
March 23: Launching 1st Birthday NFT
March 28: XSTO 1 year anniversary
March 28: XSTO analyst joins the teams

April 2023
April 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
April 3: First XSTO logo launching
April 6: Launch Malaya Infinity
April 21: Start Token Staking, phase 1 3% - 90 days
April 22: Launching 'Wild West' NFT collection

May 2023
May 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
May 1: Theme Days 'Wild West' The XRPL network is not the Wild West, Live game steam 12 p.m. UTC
May 2: Theme Days 'Wild West' The XRPL network is not the Wild West, Live game steam 12 p.m. UTC
May 17: Launching and first Twitter space 'XSTO Builds'
May 17: New opportunity, 10% discount on NFTs for Gold Members
May 21: Filter Research System (FRS)  1.2, new update 'Advanced research technology, D.I. data analysis, system update and system improvement
May 26: Founders visited with a community member
May 31: Official XSTO poker tournament launching

June 2023
June 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
June 1: QM partner OpenEgg burn 35.000.000 $XLOY 'DoodlEgg'
June 15: Phase 2 update development (meeting)

July 2023
July 1: Friends Forever poker tournament, in partnership with Anima Coin
July 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
July 2: Phase 2 update development
July 13: New Quality mark LIVE AMA. Donald M.A.G.A. Q (Basic QM Partner)
July 16: Telegram upgrade, XSTO Builds
August 2023
August 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
August 8: Problem resolution, FRS 1.2
August 10: First 12k followers on X
August 24: Updating XRPL Secure Ecosystem
August 30: Analist participate Hackaton at TU Delft (The Netherlands)

September 2023
September 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
September 7: Live stream to Apex Amsterdam (Ripple event)
September 7: Update XRPL Secure Ecosystem, Live AMA Telegram
September 7: Launch NFT 'Future' collection on Sologenic Marketplace
September 9: Auction NFT 'Future' #1
September 15: Auction NFT 'Future' #2
September 19:"Launching EXSTO token on XRP Ledger. The key to the ecosystem
September 20: Meeting, programming company XRPL Secure Ecosystem
September 22: Auction NFT 'Future' #3
September 23: Start mining pool EXSTO token on Magnetic DEX (Quality mark partner)
September 26: First Live AMA on X-Space Quality mark Launching: New approved basic partner 'Foodware Network'
September 29: Auction NFT 'Future' #4

October 2023
October 1: Added a new mining pool on Magnetic DEX with EXSTO Token, 5 XRP pool
October 3: Added Dice EXSTO on Magnetic DEX
October 6: Auction NFT 'Future' #5
October 9: Launch Cryptoniax
October 10: Start new NFT staking on Future collection
October 18: Start new staking pool, phase 3 (9%) on
October 30: XRPL Show xs1 ''Break the ice'' with Snwoman & David Rutledge 
October 31: Important Gold Member voting

November 2023
November 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
November 8: XRPL Show xs2 ''Bridging communications'' with TextRP & Arisha Ajmal Khan
November 22: XRPL Show xs3 ''Let the game begin'' with Denarii DFI & Chukwuma Abundance
November 25: Important update to the community
November 26: Update FRS to 1.3 system

December 2023
December 1: Start new month, level up contest in our Discord
December 1: First live streaming meeting with the new core-members
December 8: XRPL Show xs4 ''Beep Boop'' with XBOT club & Sejun Park
December 9: Starting with the website update
December 10: Gold Member voting runs over starting EXSTO staking program
December 19: Start Core team special. unveiling our core team members in Christmas spirit
December 21: Christmas edition 2, Telegram with announcement 2024
December 21: Launching new whitepaper and roadmap 2024
December 22: Announcement 2024 in Live space
December 22: XRPL Show xs5 ''The game is on'' with GamerXGold & Deandre Mendes