Roadmap compensation program
We have developed a compensation program to provide security against scam and rug pull for the coin investor. 

We speak of a rug pull when the developers of a project leave the project and run off with the investors' money

Unfortunately, scamcoins in cryptocurrency still come up often. For this, XSTO has a compensation program for the projects that hold our seal of approval and premium package with a green code. In this way we want to protect the coin investor and ensure security against scamcoins.

How does the compensation program work?
We continue to continuously research coins affiliated with our rug pull prevention & Quality mark. The premium package represents compensation for causing the definition of rug pull.

Roadmap duped coin investor

  • Step 1: The developers cause a rug pull and leave the project with the investors' money.
  • Step 2: Through our social channels, we will notify the coin investors of the rug pull performed.
  • Step 3: The coin investors who meet the conditions we set up will be eligible for our compensation program.
  • Step 4: The coin investor will officially register as an aggrieved person through our website. Signs up according to the questionnaire and upon submission agrees to the proposed terms and conditions prepared in our terms and conditions package.
  • Step 5:After the deadline, we will have an amount available and transfer compensation to the duped coin investor.

Additional information:
As a coin investor, it is important to read carefully the terms and conditions related to the compensation program beforehand. The conditions can be found in section 4. So it is the coin investor's responsibility to be aware of our privacy policy and conditions. When submitting your information, you automatically agree to our drafted terms and conditions.

Roadmap developers XSTO

  • Step 1: We signal a rug pull caused by one of our approved projects owned by our premium package.
  • Step 2: We initiate coin investigation and determine the specific cause of the rug pull performed.
  • Step 3: If a rug pull is identified by the developers, we will contact the developers. We will try to determine the cause of the perform rug pull
  • Step 4: We will put out the official message through our social channels about the cause of the rug pull. The caption will state if the cause is due to the coin developers or investor walkout. In case of investor walkout, XSTO will not start rug pull compensation. The message will indicate that coin victims can apply for the compensation program. A deadline will be set for this.
  • Step 5: We will discuss internally what amount of XLOY coins we can make available for our compensation program. Depending on the values, cause, severity of rug pull we will make an amount available.
  • Step 6: After all the applications and passed deadline. We will distribute the number of coins to the duped coin investors.


Additional information:

We have set aside a total of 200,000,000,000 (20% of the total coin supply) for the compensation program. We will make a realistic decision to compensate the coin investors. We will never pay other than our own currency XLOY (coin XLOYALITY). No other payment unit is possible. We as founders are never liable for a rug pull caused by an approved project. We will do our best to compensate in a fair way to the duped coin investor. Please review our terms and conditions carefully beforehand.