Process Quality mark research

The research system was developed by the developers of XSTO. The system includes specific filters and thorough coin research to give scamcoins no chance. These projects are not allowed through on the secure platform we want to create on the XRPL network. The researchers do research and take into account our established privacy policy. We will not share rejected projects with our community. This choice was made deliberately to avoid confusion and to give our platform an important function for coin investors. The research system is completely secret to prevent information leakage. Therefore, XSTO will never present this system to the outside world to maintain the safety of coin investors.

We would like to give you insight on how the project research is going on between XSTO and the notified project. Nothing will be displayed about our security system. If you have any questions regarding the terms and privacy policy. Go to terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Step 1: Project developer reports at or contacts XSTO's founders.

Step 2: the founder of XSTO refers the coin developer to the terms and conditions and explains our purpose of the project.

Step 3: once the coin developer agrees to the established terms and privacy policy, the founder will activate the research team.

Step 4: the research team will conduct project research. Think ip addresses, wallet addresses, adequate website, whitepaper, roadmap and socials. The researchers create an overall picture of the notified project. After a maximum of 5 working days, the research team will either agree or disagree to qualify for the Quality mark.
(If a project is rejected, it will not be publicly disclosed. Please see our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Step 5: We will contact the coin developer. Once there is agreement. A launch date will be scheduled to launch it publicly. This will be done through the social channels and official website The approved project will be processed on the website under Quality mark. The project will also be included on our Telegram channel where all projects with green status are listed. Are you curious what a status means? Click here.

As soon as there is an official launch and the project is on the official channels. Then the premium or basic package will start. This package is valid for 12 months.