Welcome to XSTO Business Partnership

XSTO Business Partnership is developed to support projects affiliated with the Quality mark in reorganization. Building a project requires expertise, skill, resources and time. XSTO is able to support projects in difficult times. This can be done on B2B and B2C level. 

XSTO offers XRPL developers the opportunity for a Business Partnership.
Acquisition on B2B or B2C level will be mentioned on projects where it will be applicable. Our organization offers several opportunities to be discussed between project developers and XSTO CEO Pancky. Together we will look at the possibilities that may be applicable to improve and reorganize XRPL in times of difficulties.

XSTO (XLOYALITY SAFETY TRADE ORGANIZATION) was created to ensure the safety of coin investors. By issuing a Quality mark and compensation, XSTO protects its and its coin investors. More information can be found under the Quality mark section.