Welcome to XLoyalitY
For safe trading on the XRPL

Welcome to the official site of XLoyalitY.
We started this project with a team of 4 enthusiastic members who have been active in the XRPL network for quite some time. We are all living in the Netherlands and started a collaboration due to regular Rugpulls by tokens in the XRPL network. This is annoying for everyone and therefore we started a new coin.

We offer the security of coins on the XRPL network. The coin holder can trust the coin with the XLoyalitY Rug pull prevention & Quality mark visible. We do research, compensate and have a reward program for holders. We further engage in NFTs which can be found on this site. We are also currently active on Twitter, Discord and Telegram. Check out our website to learn more.

 Rug pull prevention & Quality mark

XLoyalitY ensures safety of the coin regarding Rug pulls. We as a coin guarantee the coin that is registered with us. We will ensure your safety and guarantee the coin if necessary. Want to know more about our Rug pull prevention & Quality mark, click here.

NFT collection

XLoyalitY NFT collection. XLoyalitY has a lot of focus on its collection line. Artists are working to develop new NFTs. We make high quality NFTs and keep the cost as low as possible. Anyone can buy NFTs at XLoyalitY. We have our new collection #LOYMOON online. Click on the NFT to go to our marketplace.

Buy $xloyality
.Our XLoyalitY token is available through XUMM and Sologenic DEX. Want to set trustline or know our marketcap? Click here for more information




Below is an overview about our tokenomic.

Roadmap XLoyality
Our 2022 roadmap has been published. We are working on some projects, which we will be able to tell you more about soon. If you have any questions, please visit our white paper & roadmap.

Q1 // 2022
Launch of the coin
Launch of reward holders program
Build out community Telegram, Discord & Twitter

New NFT collection

Q2 // 2022
Building and launching website

New NFT collection
Build out community. Social Media
Building Rug pull prevention & Quality mark project
Partnership closing

Q3 // 2022
Launch Rug pull prevention & Quality mark project.
Listing Exchange
Closing partnership
New NFT collection

Q4 // 2022
XLoyalitY ambassadors
Listing exchange
Rug pull prevention & Quality mark improve
New NFT collection

Q1 // 2023
Coming soon